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Global Warming is Killing Your Beer

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Climate Change | Beer | Science | Buffalo | New Orleans

Global Warming Changing Your Day to Day Life

UC Irvine Report suggests climate change will lead to a shortage of beer

On October 15, UC Irvine published an article titled “Decreases in global beer supply due to extreme drought and heat.”[1]  It’s not difficult to find information on climate change and its effects on the planet. Just about any Google search will lead you to an article on greenhouse gases increasing the average temperature, Melting the ice caps, raising the sea level, and creating natural disasters, but sadly, will any of those issues garner the same reaction as the world is running out of beer? There’s no question where our priorities are–when the story was picked up by USA Today it became the 4th most searched business article according to Google Trends.

While vanishing coastlines and hurricanes are terrifying, beer prices in Ireland increasing a possible 193% due to barley yields dropping between 3-17% is the news that could help elevate this fight to the next level. Even the authors of the article seem to understand the absurdity of relying on this news to combat climate change deniers; in an article published on UC Irvine’s website the co-author of the research report said “there is definitely a cross-cultural appeal to beer, and not having a cool pint at the end of an increasingly common hot day just adds insult to injury.”[2]

To further quantify how drastic the shortage could get: “In the USA, beer shortages could reduce the amount Americans consume each year by as much as 900 million gallons.”  It may seem silly, but articles and research like this are essential in the fight against climate change. Those who are resistant to the science will not respond to numbers, they need Proof that their actual day-to-day lives are going to change.[3]

Climate Change | Beer | Science | Buffalo | New Orleans

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