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The Seamless Change of Clean Energy

The end goal of reusable energy and a green grid is not to completely change the lives of its users. It’s to create technology that adapts around their lifestyles to reduce their carbon output with as little disturbance to their routines as possible. Ideally, we will be living in a world, in the not so distant future, where green technology has gotten to a point where people are unaware they are even using it.

One such technology is the solar roof. Different from solar panels, which can be large and intrusive, a solar roof is exactly what it sounds like; not only a necessary part of the building structure, but also equipped with technology to capture natural energy from the sun and power the structure’s electrical needs.

This technology is not some sci fi myth either. IKEA completed a solar roof on one of its distribution centers in Illinois this past December[1] Keep in mind, IKEA is not some Elon Musk start up trying to sell its customers on a new solar technology. It is a furniture supply chain that would not make this sort of transition unless it thought it was fiscally responsible.

The center’s roof consists of “9,036 solar panels, that will produce 3,337,000 kilowatts of electricity annually.”[2] How much is that? In 2011 an American household used 908 kilowatts a month.[3]

While this is the largest completed project done by the company, IKEA has committed to invest $2.5 billion in renewable energy through 2020.[4] It also has installed over 700,000 solar panels and 104 wind turbines on its American buildings so far.[5]

Decisions like this by chains as large and successful as IKEA show that renewable energy is not just a fad or a bumper sticker. CEOs see it as the future of technology and want to be in the forefront. A company doesn’t just throw away 2 billion dollars unless it expects returns, and truly believes in the cause. In this case IKEA not only stands for protecting the planet, but also creating a more efficient and affordable grid for its centers in the future.

Clean Energy | Solar | Workforce | Buffalo, NY | New Orleans, LA | Certified B Corp 

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