Simple Budgeting Practices

Budgeting is your game of life, and if you disregard the board you'll find it'll shrink on you.

Looking for Normal

This is an unprecedented time and it’s important to remember your mental health and plan. Here are 5 things you can do in isolation

Paid Sick Leave

In March Republicans blocked legislation that would aid in securing sick leave for Americans effected by Coronavirus.[1]Currently over 32...

Fed Rate Drop

It's rare for a president to tie success to the stock market, but President Trump has made a habit out of it. Bloomberg published an...

Cannabis Jobs!

Jobs and layoffs have been heating up, but pot is still creating work. Despite recent layoffs in the cannabis industry it remains one of...

Book Collectors: the forgotten traders

Why do we invest? The idea is straight forward. Investing money in a security gives ownership in that company, which will either...

California Assembly Bill

As of January 2020, California’s AB5 known as the gig worker bill will go into effect

Own Your Freedom with a Budget

Whether you use Quickbooks, Excel, or a traditional pen and paper, a budget is your fastest route to financial confidence.


The confusion deepfake videos could inspire is nothing new, it’s just repackaged.


The US Call for energy independence may have been premature.

American Trucking Decline

Trucking | Drivers | Salary | Labor | B Corp Climbing Demand For Drivers While progress in automated drivers has been immense it is still...

GE Smart Bulbs

Smart Bulbs | GE | Technology | AI | B Corp “I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Thomas Edison founded...